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January 9, 2010

Baldness and Cupid

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(Tuesday, 3 May 2005)

Long long ago, a man turned 30 and bald.

Girls started treating him with compassion rather than with passion. He was very upset.

He decided to go for a penance to kaamadeva (the god of erotic love). kaama appeared to him. In the characteristic style of gods, he said: “Ask and I shall give it to you!”

“Oh, Kaama! I want my hair back.”

Kaama spoke with his hand on his own receding (but officially not-declared-so) hairline:

“That is tough. It will need you to do toughest things in the world for five years:
1. No alchohol, no caffeine, no tobacco
2. Everyday wake up before sunrise – and no keeping awake after sunset
3. Everyday before you eat or drink anything, take repulsively tasting medicines to improve your liver function

And the toughest of them all:
See your reflection only after the sixth year morning from today.”

The man agreed. Frustrated as he was, he faithfully observed what was suggested by kaama.

On the sixth year first morning, he woke up and looked into the mirror. His hair were back.

Alas! He had turned 35 by then. Hair were all turning gray!


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