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January 9, 2010

How Tej Singh missed a chance to become Vishnu

(Tuesday, 10 May 2005)

Sun’s lineage has great people, one of which was Vishnu’s avatara – rama, the best of limited beings.

Like rama, Tej Singh too is from Sun’s lineage.

Like dasharatha, Tej Singh’s father Rudra Singh too had 3 wives.

Like kaikeyee, the step mother of Tej Singh too asked his father to expel Tej Singh for 14 years to forest and hand over his estate to her own son – for two boons pending since long.

As a true man from Sun’s lineage, just like dasharatha, Rudra Singh too ordered Tej Singh to go to the forest.

As a true son from Sun’s lineage, just like rama, Tej Singh too obeyed the order and prepared to leave.

As an ideal father dasharatha, Rudra Singh too cried:  “Son, please refuse to go! Please hate me!”

[Rama could have replied: “I refuse to hate anyone. Your order is my way!”]

Unlike Rama, Tej Singh obeyed these new instructions over the old ones and stayed back fighting with and hating his father.

He could not become one more Rama in Sun’s lineage but sure he brought forth a hidden paradox in the system.


Static analyis (rama with static logic) and running program (Tej Singh with temporal logic) behave completely differently!


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