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January 9, 2010

Legend of Sofware QA Engineering

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Daemon rakta-beeja (blood seed) had boon of cloning himself wherever a drop of his blood fell.

kaalee (Kali) is a form of Hindu Goddess. She symbolizes the horror of world. She is believed to have killed rakta-beeja. She drank every drop of blood from the chopped head of rakta-beeja.

kali-yuga (not kaalee-yuga) is modern era of corruption. sandhi-yuga is the brief period when the world will start turning back to sat-yuga, the period of virtue. It is believed that current kali-yuga is already in sandhi-yuga phase.

Even after King pareekShita‘s hard effort, kali-yuga was rampant.

A man was very disappointed. He went for long and hard penance to please kaalee.

kaalee appeared. In the usual spirit of Gods and Godesses, she said: “Ask for anything and I shall give it to you!”

“Oh, mother! If you are really pleased with my efforts, please end all the badness from the world!”

“Son, you are asking for impossible. In the world created by brahma, good and bad are intertwined.”

“But then at least end all those evil-doers.”

“We are trying hard but we are not there yet.”

“Do you want me to suggest a way, mother?”

kaalee was surprised. Suggesting a way to kaalee? She said: “Go ahead!”

“All evil-doers are in fact rakta-beeja remnants. Please make sure they die without spilling their blood.”


“Yes, mother. I conjecture that while you were focused on drying up his head, his body was still bleeding.”

Mother Goddess was speechless. Even Lord shiva hardly argued against her so convincingly. After thinking hard and long, she replied :

“OK. Here is the deal. I shall slowly turn around Governments of kali-yuga to execute these bad guys in most bloodless manner – hanging, lethal injections and electrocutions.”

The hero was happy and was going away. kaalee stopped him.

“But you too have to pay the price of finding fault in the work of kaalee. During sandhi-yuga,

* You shall spend 16 to 20 hours a day in a hell without an open window where neither Sun nor Moon shines
* Your hands shall pain finding fault with works of most creative of humans
* Yet you may not get even half of the respect as those creative humans
* from your brain shall emerge thousands of bugs!”

The hero was reborn in this time as a Software QA Engineer!


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