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January 15, 2010

Teaching mathematics can be pain

(Friday, 18 August 2006)

Teaching mathematics can be pain. I tried to teach a ten year old in 1992. I still feel the pain.

The kid was born poet. His father came to me and said: “You are a rare combination – an engineer and a poet. Perhaps you can teach my kid math.”

I started to teach the boy commutative nature of math: “Do you agree that 22 + 33 = 33 + 22?”

After calculating a while, the kid happily agreed.

“Do you also agree that 77 + 11 = 11 + 77?” Again, after a while, the kid agreed, smiled and said: “I think I understand what commutativity is all about! This is easy!”

“Great, now a bit tough: 71 + 72 =?”

He wrote: “71 + 72 = 27 + 17”


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