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January 16, 2010

Get-away from India

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(Thursday, 21 August 2008)

We were near the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

The elder one read the stone writing and ultimately concluded that the gate was constructed to let the king and the queen of England come in in a year that was written in Martian way (later I corrected him saying it was Roman way).

Then he asked to me: “Which year was it?”

I said: “1911.”

He scratched his head for a while and then said: “That was before 1947, right?”

I said: “Yes.”

“At that time we were asking the British to, well, leave us alone. Right?”


“Then why was this big gate constructed here? It should have been a wall – with spikes!”

… and then we continued our exploration of the area around the Gateway of India.

The elder one was now closely examining a not-so-noticeable structure in a corner.

It was a public toilet.

After 5 minutes of observing him observing the public toilet building, I asked him: “What is so great in that building?”

“It must be written somewhere that this building was constructed to commemorate the departure of the British in 1947!”

… then we took a cruise to Elephanta caves and passed the Gateway of India from the other direction.

From the arch one could see the statue of Shivaji with open sword on his mare .

The elder one said: “Ah! Now I understand it fully!”

I asked: “What?”

“This statue! See, it went this way:

They made this gate for the guest king in 1911 and showed him Shivaji Maharaj’s statue to say – ‘Leave quickly or else …’

… and then we have that public toilet.

Now everything fits in!”


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