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January 16, 2010

Grabbing the bar

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(Thursday, 21 August 2008)

It was summer and the elder one was four year old then. We went to the summer swimming camp with him and he was doing great.

One child of his age was VERY afraid of water. His father was with him in the pool all the time.

The child was not letting the pipe bar go!

His father was feeling nervous because it was fifteen days already and all the other children were in the middle of the pool splashing with the coach.

I saw all these. I casually remarked to the child: “beTe, Daroge to is desh pe raaj kaise karoge?” [“Sonny, if you are scared, how are you going to rule this nation?”]

The kid naturally did not understand but his father’s eyes lit up. He took the child near to me and encouraged him to talk to me.

After a few minutes of chat I asked to the child: “Are you afraid that if you let that pipe bar go, you may have a trouble?”

“Trouble? I may SINK!”

“Oh, I see!  Let me see how you kick the water.”  Good set of kicks were observed.

“Hmm! Let me see how you keep your head above the water.” I see one hand and two legs moving with head held high enough for safety.

“Aha! I get it!” I said.


“You know what, your father wants you to leave the bar and join your friends out there. What he does not get is, the bar still needs to be held!”

“See dad! This gentleman knows it!”

His father is now confused. I continued:


“But what?”

“But you know enough swimming so that you don’t need to hold the bar yourself. Here, let me hold it for you and you won’t sink.”

That was VERY convincing, right? After all, you can kick and splash and hold your head above the water and all your friends are in the middle of the pool and there is an elder friend grabbing the bar for you – YOU CAN’T SINK!

“Grab the bar for me!” and off went the boy!

His father just wept while I sat there grabbing the bar.

Often we don’t have to solve a problem. We just need to appear to be solving it.


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