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January 16, 2010

Introduction to a new gadget

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(Thursday, 30 October 2008)

Compared to other parents, we have very smooth enforcement of seat belt rule on children.

Some of my friends really wonder how our children not only follow the rule, they enthusiastically enforce it on all the passangers in the car.

The secret is in a gadget I got fitted in the car.

In all the cars I ever bought, I first got this “Random Seat Belt Checker” installed.

The Government (of the US or India, whichever applicable) runs a secret report for which father (or mother) loves his (her) chidren the best and then they fit that gadget into the car at an additional and painful cost of US $500 (or equivelant Indian Rupees.)

BTW, did I tell you that this gadget is available only from the Government and not even allowed to be seen by unauthorized eyes. They don’t advertize this gadget much, you know!

It is even more interesting to note how this piece of art works.

The basic operation is very simple.

It checks whether all the passangers in the car are properly belted during the driving.

Even if one of them is not, the car automagically pulls over to the curb and stops – with ignition off. It can be Indian summer, Indian monsoon or Sierra snow outside of the car. It just stops.

It remains in that state till all the passangers belt up and the key is turned again. Once it stops the car, there is absolutely no way for even adults to start it again till everyone actually belts up (and at times promises to remain belted) – even if you are getting late for the circus!

The fun is, it works randomly. As random as a chance of getting stuck into a molases pond in “Candy Land” – or say, a call from grandpa! Sometimes it checks too often, sometimes too infrequent.

Both my wife and I understand that seat belts can be incovenient at times but this gadget is now fitted and it can’t be unfitted without making the Government really angry.

For the fear of the Government agencies, I am not writing the contact address for getting such a gadget but I am sure the readers are smart enough to find out how and where to install it!

And as a proud owner, I can vouch it works!


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