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January 16, 2010

Mom is such a feeble soul

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(Monday, 14 July 2008)

With heavy and particularly stinky school bag on shoulder and tired face, elder one came back from the school. I heard the following dialog between him and my wife.

“Sweetheart, you look really tired!”

“Oh, yes! It is all about dealing with people!”

“What happened?”


“Whom did that ‘nothing’ involve?”

“Well, it started this way:
I and the younger one were sitting facing a boy and a girl.

The boy had cold. He sneezed and yuck came out of his nose.

Seeing this the girl vomited. You know girls!

Now, the younger one’s shoes only got dirty but my school bag was all …”
(In trembling voice) “That was quite a difficult situation!”
“No, mom! That was just the start!

There was no fault of mine but all that boy’s.

So I told him to lift my bag and leave it in my classroom. I have never climbed four stories so slowly – making him lift two school bags and two lunch boxes!”

(It sounds like the tiredness has infected my wife also) “Huh!”

“The hardest part was to get the girl lick younger one’s shoes and my school bag clean!”




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