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January 16, 2010

On Yama-Savitri Dialogue

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(Tuesday, 18 August 2009)

While most married women fall in the definition of satee [the respected one], some characters are titled mahaasatee [the venerable].

One such character is Savitri, who debates with Yama, the god of death and wins back life of her husband, Satyavan.

Now, I get various versions of the debates in movies but none of them is so convincing.

Last week I came across one possible, confessing line from Savitri that might have won her the life of her husband as well as catapulted her in the rank of mahaasatee [extremely truthful]. The argument is the only fact most wives don’t admit but Savitri could’ve and won over even Yama!

Yama: “Dear, your husband’s life is taken. It is over!”
Savitri: “Sir, what is your goal?”
Yama: “Taking life of your husband!”
Savitri: “Sir, but not mine!”
Yama: “Well, you are alive!”
Savitri: “Oh omniscient Yama, please don’t play ignorant! You know that a wife can truly live only by sucking the life out of her husband!”

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