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January 16, 2010

Times off India

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(Wednesday, 6 August 2008)

Papa told the younger one that eyes are enough to see but not enough to read. One needs right index finger also to read.

After this secret is out, reading has progressed rapidly and enthusiastically.

At times kids mix up alphabets [there are half a dozen around in the house] and directionality of alphabets.

Some of them are right to left, some of them are left to right. Sometimes papa lets little kids read  straight from the mirror, sometimes while hanging upside down, even boustrophedon or mirror boustrophedon are allowed. Then sometimes the elder one and papa plays Scrabble(R) where letters go top down – and kids are allowed to read bottom-up also.

Reading comes very handy when a four year old wants to watch a particular cartoon series and no elder is either around or free or willing to help. [Especially Dad! Even a four understands the explosive relations between papa and TV.]

One day, the younger one was sitting in the reading chair (that is, papa’s lap) and reading the newspaper, ‘The Times of India’.

Papa asked to read the title. The young one replied:  “I can’t read it!”

“Read whichever word you can! Papa will read the rest for you!”

“This one has one ‘F’ too less. The remote reads O-F-F!”


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