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July 26, 2010

One or two

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Hardly a week after the elder one’s thumb came out of cast, the younger one fell from a fence and (just) sprained the right elbow! An elbow is SPRAINED. Can you believe it? How on the good earth is it possible to sprain an elbow?

After spending a weekend at the hospital, we were kind of relieved discovering it was not another fracture in the family. What a feeling of gratefulness! It is a mixed blessing being parents of active children. Your children will sure have less eating disorders and might not need a coronary bypass in future – but at present an orthopedic surgeon’s number must be there right in front of the telephone!

On the dinner table, my wife was feeding the younger one (six years old), who was more interested in playing with the new bandage. “Oh dear, please have one or two roti’s!”

“Yes! Aah!” Mouth opens wide. After two roti‘s, it closes tight shut for food and opens only for the argument: “You told me one or two roti‘s! No more! I want to sleep.”

“Oh! When I said ‘one or two roti’s’, I meant ‘one plus two that is three’!” Tried out mom.

Surprisingly, the mouth opens once again for food: “Aah!”

After finishing third roti, the mouth opens once again for speaking: “Mom, the doctor said I must be away from school for ‘one or two days’. That also means ‘one plus two that is three’ days, right?”

Doctors these days know neither magic, nor parenting!


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