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January 6, 2011

A yogi in first grade

Gita says: A knowledgeable person (yogi) does not distinguish in a learned person, in cows, in an elephant, in a she-dog or a lowly born.

Such a vision is called samatva, the highest ideal of life.

… Well, samatva can backfire.

Yesterday, the younger one (in his first grade) asked for a cup of milk. His mother gave to him. He proceeded outdoors with the cup.

“Where are you taking it?”

“Out, for the cat!” [Feral cats are typical to suburbia of India.]

“The cat? Why suddenly?”

“For my science class next week.”

“Do you want the cat to drink the milk and take pictures of it?”

“Oh no! I might require to take its ears to the class next week!”


“Ears! For homework! Now please help me in catching a cat.”

I know it is difficult to mother highly intelligent, active and studious children. Still, catching a cat to chop its ears is difficult even for the most loving mother!

“Why? Why would you need to chop the ears of a poor cat?”

“Let me explain!” Smiled he and put the cup beside. “It is about our science class. The teacher is teaching about life forms, you know?”


“Last week the teacher taught us about plants.

“Oh yes. This week you also had to do a leaf collection of various plants.”

“There you go! This week they are teaching about animals! Would not I be required to bring ears of cats, bats and mice? Now, hurry up please!”

My wife fainted.

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