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January 30, 2011

Vishwamitra, Menaka, Indrasana and ruckus

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Sage Vishwamitra was mounting penance. Indrasana (the divine throne of Indra, the king of Gods) was shaking. Indra panicked. This ambitious Rishi could do anything – even dethrone Indra! Something had to be done soon.

Indra sent Menaka, the most beautiful of fairy maiden of the paradise – to deviate Vishwamitra from the path to success. How she succeeded coming to the earth is a well-known story.

We are interested in what happened in the paradise. Ruckus! That is what can describe it best!

Surprisingly well-informed journalists of “Swarga Samachar”, “Times of Paradise” and so on with TV cameras were giving Indra hard time.

“Sir, would you please comment whether it was Agni‘s turn with Ms. Menaka?” [You know why they were so well-informed.]


“Sir, is it not true that Agni has been short-changed for petty gains of more powerful people?”

<no comment>

“Sir, we’ve heard that Agni has gone to Khaandava and is incommunicado?”

<no comment>

“Sir, we have heard that Shachi, the Indrani (Indra’s wife) supports dissenters of Indra tacitly?”

“Is her highness tired of constant drag of attention caused by apsaras (fairy maidens of paradise)?” [Now you also know why Agni was so well-informed.]

… For a moment Indra wished Vishwamitra success in taking away Indrasana!

Then passed by Vishwakarma (the god of engineers).

“May I know what is this chaos about?”

“Sir, Indra has sent Ms. Menaka away from Paradise!”

Vishwakarma took Indra (to the latter’s great relief) inside Indra’s palace. Indra told him whole story – Vishwamitra, Menaka, Indrasana and the ruckus that followed.

Vishwakarma asked him to stand up from Indrasana. Indra, still clueless, stood up.

Vishwakarma pulled out a screw driver and tightened some screws on Indrasana. It stopped shaking.

Alas, it was too late to recall Menaka! The rest we know as ‘abhijnana shaakuntalam”.


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