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March 2, 2011

Kenya’s debacle and Changes in Cricket Rules

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The insider news tells us that after Kenya’s debacle yesterday, ICC is mulling changes in the rules of Cricket.

The first realization is that by applying rules symmetrically to both the teams, new teams will keep losing and cricket will never get popular beyond the regular ten or so teams. So the rules have to be different for both the sides.

In case the “non-regular-ten” team is playing against the “regular-ten” teams,

“Non-regular-ten” Team batting:

  1. None gets out at zero runs. If someone does (like most of them do), he will be given another chance – till some runs are scored by him
  2. Team at batting time can be completely different from the one at fielding
  3. No reviews are permitted if the umpire gives a “not-out”
  4. No stump out, no LBW – nothing cruel is permitted!
  5. Tennis balls may be requested during the powerplay

“Regular-ten” Team batting:

  1. Only boundaries will count
  2. (If the above is found too hard, here is the Baseball Rule) If the ball touches the bat, that is it! Gotta run or you are out!
  3. Every “not-out” given by the umpire has to be reviewed digitally

Readers, what else do you think can help salvage the (mis)matches?

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  1. Kenyas Debacle And Changes In Cricket Rules…

    […]Gota run or you are out! Every ?out? given by the umpire has to be reviewed digitaly. Readers, what[…]…

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