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June 10, 2011

Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and RSS

Filed under: Indian politics and economy — pramath @ 7:12 AM

I think Digvijay Singh should use less words against Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare.

Rather than calling them “Right wing zealots and RSS faces”, he should just call them “Right” 🙂

What do you say?



  1. WHAT the hell it is going on Here….
    now the country is going to be divided in two parts…
    First who are supporting Mr. Anna n
    Second who are supporting Govt…
    People who are with Anna, I can understand their emotions
    But, people supporting govt…. it is quite interesting to see their comments….
    The biggest question is SHOULD PM COME UNDER THE LOKPAL BILLL.?
    Here I think every Indian who has suffered corruption or had see corruption are with Anna…
    The people who are supporting Govt… can’t they see the situtation of country, can’t they see the point where the PM is standing,,, can’t they see how this govt.. pressurised an honest President like APJ Abdul Kalam…. to sign a bill which was only beneficial to the chair or post holder’s ….. which was already rejected by Mr. Kalam… but this govt… pressurise him to do so.. this was accepted by Mr. kalam themselve…
    So I think the mentality of the govt…. supporters is corrupt… they don’t want to make country develop….
    A major reason for their support may be the unemployment for those who are writing such comments here… in support of govt…
    govt. is might be paying @ a rate of per comment Rs……./-
    if it is so then….. carry on, n it is good to see the unemployment rate is declining on this issue….
    i will not kick you….
    Jai HInd…. keep writing….
    Oh sorry it will be wrong to say jai HInd to you bcz you are not Indian…..

    Comment by kukkumol — June 19, 2011 @ 1:11 PM | Reply

    • relax man…. if u don’t have any sense of humour then see the title of this page. It is a joke. We want lokpal thats OK but don’t run here n there screaming about it.

      Comment by mohitdakshdaksh — July 2, 2011 @ 4:56 PM | Reply

    • Where the office of the President can also be “pressurized” then I think you should also ask for the President to be included in the Lokpal Bill and not just the PM. And while thinking on it, might as well ask to abolish the office of the President or better still re-write the constitution…..

      Comment by Ashish — August 4, 2011 @ 4:44 PM | Reply

    • And one more thing, kukkumol or whatever, dont make personal comments. After all, you are screaming about democracy and ur rights or the mentality of the govt. Remember it works both ways, the rights I mean. For every voice there are many opinions so learn to respect opinions or ask those voices to run for elections. If the entire country is behind Anna, then ask him to select 500 people across each Parliamentary constituency, declare his open support for these 500 people and get a “thumping majority”, form the government and bring whatever form of any which bill he wants to bring. Can or Will he do that? The answer is NO…

      Comment by Ashish — August 4, 2011 @ 4:48 PM | Reply

    • Hi,
      Here are my views about this issue, few points are collected from others. Support Anna or not is an issue, he is black mailing government.
      Anna just wanted govt to pass the bill the way he wanted. how can he just be so sure that LOKPALL will remove corruption from the country? If he can not remove this dirty corruption then what will he do? he should explain in detail his strategy if he fails in getting success through this bill. I believe all bills are made to improve the life’s of people in the country, but they are not well organised and maintained cause of wrong members handling these bills. how can we conclude that people or decision makers in thsi bill are soo genuine.? instead, strengthen the old laws and bills. I believe that India is a democratic country and if Annaz Lokpall is passed then it will be a dictatorship from Annaz. instead start a political party and influence people not to offer bribes, teach the younger generation how corruption is dangerous for the country. If a bill can change a country, we should have changed long back. It is the responsibility of all of US, which is more important. A bill on paper is never worthy to change any loophole. I strongly agree that PM and Judges should not come under Lokpall. If they wanted PM to be under this bill, they should (if they got any issues with PM) provide the 3/4 th of witness to parliament and get approval from parliament to inquire the PM.

      I don’t understand why it needs 1 year for decision and another 1 year for the punishment.

      How someone can guarantee there will be “No minister or bureaucrat influence on their investigations.”

      How can it be assured that Lokpal members are not corrupted? Don’t we have corrupted “judges, citizens and constitutional authorities”, who says only the politicians are corrupted?

      The property will be seized during the initial period of Investigation? How should this be possible? if he was not found guilty then what will they do?

      No chance of appealing the judgement to supreme court? This leads to DICTATORSHIP.

      the constitution of India has been debated for 2 yrs.. 11 months and 18 days….. … still we ended up with lot of flaws…. ….how do you justify a bill which has not been debated? so go for a debate.

      we should strengthen the existing bodies… . then creating an other power structure

      I believe we are responsible for the corrupted system and we should be the one to fix it, government will have to support us as we support the government.

      We don’t need 1 year to solve a case now, major part of the complains can be solved in 3 months and punished in 2-6 months if we make everyone to come and participate. Now the government will have at least 60 billion staff to handle the cases.

      People participating in the cases will be informed at the site on the details so there is no upfront information available or relation build before the D day. There can’t be any influence as no one gets time, influence will come in when we give time to the case and people on the case are known.

      How can a Lokpal member be corrupted now? Person doesn’t know anything, goes to solve a problem and takes a decision on the spot.

      For the case that needs to be investigated properly needs some fulltime employees as the decision makers. Give an opportunity to people above the age of 50 to retire from their regular job and join the department. They have 50 years of track record to prove if they are uncorrupted or not, this head count can be 50%. Other 50% can be fresh candidates from various ages.

      Every case should involve audience, if a person is not satisfied with the decision then he can take an audience poll for re-apply. If audience support him to file again then he is not charged to re-file else he is going to pay good amount for reconsideration. Failing 3 times will lock him to the punishment and can’t apply for reconsideration to any of his cases for next 5 years.

      There can be many things added to this bill to make it incorruptible. If we are just trying to shift from one corrupt system to another then there is no point in passing this. Making this bill a best one is the job of the government and we all have to participate and make it work from approval to execution.

      and finally people can tell their opinions as you did, even if they are from Jupiter. Jai Hind it self don t mean patriotism, i hear it from every political person 1000 times a day. For the change you should elect better people . vote for the right people. I consider that parliament is the higher authority than any other department in the country, as it is elected by the people. So i suggest Annaz to start with a political party and make get the better young Indians for the development of India. soo in future there is no need of bills and strikes???


      Comment by Anuraag — August 27, 2011 @ 7:08 PM | Reply

      • What a big tongue u have to give a big “Bhassan”….u shud be rather standing on the stage and give lectures like many uncultured politicians do…Lectures wont work and neither the quarrels and Debates would bring any good cosequence….its better u all shut up and support those people who strives to build a proper Nation….JAI HIND,,,JAI BHARAT….

        Comment by ayan ghatak — July 26, 2012 @ 6:37 AM

      • It seems you didn’t realize you are on a *joke* blog.

        Comment by pramath — July 26, 2012 @ 8:32 AM

  2. Well, did you consider while commenting “bcz you are not Indian” that there might be many authors behind this name ‘pramath’ and some of them may be Indian!
    Also, did you get the joke?

    Comment by pramath — June 21, 2011 @ 8:00 AM | Reply

  3. Anna Hazare………….
    Hamarey ABBA phugge nahi dilare…:)

    Comment by shahid — August 17, 2011 @ 10:59 AM | Reply

  4. All those worthies who have attached themselves like leaches to Anna Hazare only to get political mileage and self-publicity are subterranean bugle boys and girls who cannot stop bribing the officials themselves. Why do you need a bill/legislation/act to stop corruption. Ladies and Gentlemen, look within yourselves. Stop paying bribe and you will have no corruption.

    Comment by Mrinal Madhav — August 17, 2011 @ 7:44 PM | Reply

  5. Ok Now the joke part….After 3 days of fasting Anna Hazare never the left the Tihar Jail,So On the 4th day he was hungry and was standing with all the prisoners in the line for food.when his turn came the person who was about to serve him said…50 rupees dedo khane ke paisa lagthe hain…Anna said acchhha jail mein Khane ke paisa lagte hain tho main yahan nahin aatha.Meanwhile the jailer said ab Kahan Ja rahe ho Room Ka Bada de ke jao…Yeh India hain yahan sabke paisee lagte hain:).Moral of the story..if corruption could be abolished by a bill when a guy acts like a kid,Its hights and impsossible.If its possible then if My dad doesnot give me something I fast,Stop the Tamasha.

    Comment by Tony — August 17, 2011 @ 7:45 PM | Reply

    • The blogger thinks that whole debate is misunderstood.

      Team Anna is right in saying that stronger Lok Pal is a necessary step towards corruption free India.
      Media must continuously highlight that it is not the sufficient step.
      Government is right in saying that extra-constitutional pressures like this may set wrong precedent, despite this bona-fide movement. In long run, such breakage might harm democracy.

      However, this government has lost moral high ground by attacking innocent sleeping women and children in the midnight (like Ashwatthaamaa) – and before that trying to cover its corrupt members.
      This is where the trust deficit is – and that is why vox populi is ready to break the constitution.
      That is why it is a combined responsibility of government AND opposition to pay for this deficit.

      Now, how to regain that trust?
      1. Some demonstrable “get the money back” steps must immediately be taken (to show the resolve to protect public wealth)
      2. At least slap on wrist of some Delhi police guys for cracking on unarmed citizens (to show the resolve to protect democracy)
      3. Fast track all the pending corruption trials. Show case the trials (to show that judiciary is not a part of this mess)
      4. Come up with a point to point rebuttal of Team Anna’s allegations on the weaker Lok Pal bill – and let A K Antony do that (to disarm Anna Team)
      5. Announce a step-by-step state policy to tackle corruption along with timeline. Rashtrapati should do that (to set correct tone and expose shortcomings of Anna Team)
      6. And limit the statements from likes of Digvijay Singh and Manish Tiwari. This is not a time for anyone to play bad cop

      Comment by pramath — August 18, 2011 @ 4:07 AM | Reply

  6. according 2 me this bill is good for control on corruption …. but due to that bill only the members of lokpal bill have the right to do something in India because according to this bill this commette is higher than everyone in country ……… and democracy means P.M.,,,, C.M and member of parliment are selected by people of India………
    and tellllllllllllllll us one thing who select these people to create this commetteeeeeeeeee…………..

    Comment by pawan — August 18, 2011 @ 3:49 PM | Reply

  7. ok question…supose lokpal bill is passed…if i file a complaint against narender modi under the janlokpal..for masssacring innocent people in 2002…will i get him convicted or will i b found dead..on streets on delhi.
    then will anna hazare fast for me to give my family justice…..even tho he loves modi……

    Comment by basma — August 23, 2011 @ 6:23 AM | Reply

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