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August 17, 2011

Punishing the corrupt

Filed under: Indian politics and economy — pramath @ 6:15 AM

Man, this is a crazy thought!

In China they shoot a corrupt official. In Oilistan, they start recovering money by taking out their kidneys and auctioning them.

In India, even likes of Ajmal Kasab, who kill many common men, are not hanged. [Well, I know that many men who killed one Prime Minister got hanged. That is not the point.]

Coming back to the point, how should India get on par with China? Should we shoot our corrupt officials? Should we, the heirs of Gandhi, Buddha and Mahavira, shoot live people?

Absolutely – with a camera only!

How about turning current anger into a paparazzi movement and shoot (with camera only) EVERY officer of government for six months? How about filing RTI applications on EVERYONE of them? Let us get a database of their financial positions, velocities, accelerations and activities inside-out!

[Crazier still, how about turning into licensed spies and list out their family’s [and mistress’] properties and spending habits on a Wikipedia kind of fashion? If one of us can expose one official, there are more people to volunteer than to target!]

Once we publish data, the government will be forced to prove the will to end corruption by the next election! We will track that also with the same database. They will be forced to talk percentages and not loose talk.

PROOF! Mathematical PROOF! All arguments will be settled – Lok Pal or joke pal.

  • Number of corrupt officials covered by the site decreased by n%
  • Number of corrupt officials covered by the site fired increased by m%
  • Amount of confiscation (as listed on the site) increased by p%

Let us help the government. Dig the dirt out! Shoot the corrupt – in an Indian, non-violent way!


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