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January 28, 2013

Samosas and health

The elder one is now twelve-year-old already taller than me. He has taken up a challenge of going through all the seven levels of the 5Bx program and is turning into a strong body.

The younger one has seen fitness as a family thing ever since he could understand.

We were talking about discipline of taking food and the talk turned to samosas. [Samosas are deep-fried dumplings of tetrahedral shape. They are kept on one of the bases.]

“Do you know our neighbor Mr. x? He eats samosas for snacks almost everyday!” I said.

“That is why he looks like one of those samosas!” The younger one smirked.

“… and by not eating all those samosas, papa, you’ve started looking like an inverted samosa!” The older one turned a samosa on its tip and said.

I felt so good, I had a bad night sleeping 🙂


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