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February 16, 2013

Sleeping with the head in his lap and the wasp

Filed under: Stories and mythology — pramath @ 7:54 AM

Pretty close story to Parashurama and Karna’s…

Once a woman was sleeping keeping her head in her husband’s lap.

Observing the peace the couple was enjoying, Indra thought, “If everyone enjoys such peace, there will be no need of the paradise!”

So he came in the form of a wasp and started boring through the husband’s thigh. The husband had acute pain but neither moved nor spoke.

Indra came out from the other side of the thigh and felt guilty. He appeared in his original form and said: “I have never seen a patneevrata man like you! You bore so much of pain to let your wife have a nap! Ask for a boon!”

The husband hushed: “Shh! Let her sleep please! It is more painful when she is awake!”


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