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April 25, 2013

Why is that Swiss particle accelerator succeeding in finding where all the antimatter has gone?

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If you are a follower of physics news, there is a good news. People (and genius like Raner Pillai) were wondering where all the antimatter gone? Logic says there should be equal amount of both matter and antimatter in the universe after all, right?

Recently the LHC on Switzerland border seems to have found an answer to why we don’t see antimatter around.

Raner Pillai has even better answer – he can even point to the place where most antimatter can be found!!!

According to the latest paper sent to the prestigious journal Mature, Raner Pillai divides the world in three parts:

  1. Things that don’t matter – like IPL results – which is abundantly found in the universe
  2. Things that matter – like good roads, good government officials etc. – which is rarely found in India
  3. Things that antimatter – or rather, converts “things that matter” into “things that don’t matter” like unused blocks of coal mines, unused spectrum of 2G – usually exists in the form of cashFrom this superb theory of this genius scientist, we can deduce that
  1. There is no wonder antimatter is found on Swiss border
  2. More of it can be found in Swiss bank



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