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December 21, 2013

My cousin’s husband

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On 25th anniversary of his marriage with my famous entomologist and no-comparison cook cousin, top toxicologists of the world wanted to study his body.

The couple proudly agreed.

They found more Digenes(R) than genes in his body.


October 23, 2013

Can’t see anything!

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“Wake up, you are getting late for the school!” shouted mom.

“But mom, I can’t see anything!” pleaded the young one.

“Oh, just shut up and open your eyes first!” popped the elder one.

September 20, 2013

Bad news and good news

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I had a long day. The young one, who is nine, came to me and with a VERY serious face started:

“Papa, I have a good news and a bad news. Which one do you want me to start with?”

Given my mood, I said: “Start with the bad news first.”

“The bad news is, there is no good news and the good news is that there is no bad news!!!”

September 6, 2013

Missing in marriage

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Men miss their pulse before marriage.

Men miss their purse after marriage.

July 31, 2013


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The father of the neo-teen confessed in turn that he used to believe that while the sun rose from the East,  the moon rose from the West. It sounded so fair and balanced till one full moon evening he actually saw the moon rising.


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The neo-teen confessed yesterday:
“Before I studied about magnetism, I used to think magnets must be related to glue. The denser the glue, the stronger the magnet. I got suspicious when my glue theory could not explain the suction. “

July 25, 2013

I would call that nightmare a dream!!

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My wife describing a nightmare she had last night.

“Oh dear! I was so afraid!

Three armed robbers had attacked our house and had threatened to burn down our house if we don’t give them all we have.

Will you believe how much they took away? Two trailers full of gold and silver items, some of them even VERY artistic, probably antic. They even took originals of Ravi Verman – half a dozen of them.

Then all I remember is I telling them in a stern voice that kids were about to come home and I needed to go shopping – and asked them to lock the house properly when they are gone.

Then I remember driving on the road and realizing I could as well call the police. Alas! Somehow those robbers got the whiff and started hiding things.

Then I remember the police following these trailers in their chasers and I driving behind the police too.

The worst part is, in the first try, the police could recover only 80%.

Can you believe that officer had guts to assure me that he would recover 100%! What a nightmare!”

I would call that nightmare a dream!

June 23, 2013

A letter from a dad to another dad

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Dear Father,

I am writing to you after realizing how undervalued is a father-child bond when compared with the more celebrated mother-child bond.

Neither of my sons have wished me a “Happy Father’s day”, a week past.

My heart sobs when I remember your words to me upon the birth of my first son: “Remember always, that a mother-child bond is natural but a father-child bond is social. The former is stronger than the latter.”

Why, why is the male race doomed to neglect?

With love,

-Your son

PS: Happy belated father’s day!

The reason

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Our ne0-teen son was protesting. “There is a reason why I don’t want to have a mushroom hair-cut.”

His mother asked: “What is her name?”

June 4, 2013

Careers for eight year olds

“My friend wanted to become an ornithologist last year.” Said the younger one.


“Yesterday he told me that he has changed his mind to become a fighter pilot.”


“I bet next he would like to become an astronaut and will finally end up as an astronomer!”

“How can you say so?”

“His plans are going away farther and farther from the ground.”


We don’t know what my son’s friend will become. We know our younger son has higher chances of becoming a mathematician with a specialization in calculus.

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