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February 16, 2013

Why don’t the authority approve flying cars and skateboards in Bangalore?

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Q: Why don’t the authority approve flying cars and skateboards in Bangalore?

A: Because they haven’t yet figured out how to introduce potholes in the sky!


March 28, 2012

Terroristan and Bangalore

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Terroristan dreams of running tanks on Bangalore roads.
They probably don’t understand that only tanks can run on Bangalore roads. Everything else has to crawl to dodge potholes!

January 16, 2010

Thirukkural and Da Vinci code

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(Sunday, June 29, 2008)

Bangalore’s Mobius Roads – wonder of the world!

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Bangalore is the happening city. It has a lot of innovative town planning ideas. The best one is Mobius Roads.

In order to avoid installing a traffic signal, they have forced vehicles going passing by Garuda Mall to drive on the RIGHT SIDE of the road. You continue driving on left side of the road and you end up on right side and magically back on the left side!

This makes Bangalore the only city with switched road side driving. Just look at the picture – everybody is driving legally!

Who said it was not possible to create a road with Mobius Strip shape?

Journey to the Moon versus Journey to my home

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(Tuesday, 21 October 2008)

They are launching Chandrayaan to the Moon on Wednesday. The launch may be delayed by a day if it continues to rain.

The journey to the Moon will take five and a half day.

If traffic and road conditions in Bangalore work well, I will be able to reach home to watch when Chandrayaan locks into the orbit!


Mysore is better planned

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(Monday, 23 June 2008)

Q: “Why is Mysore planned better than Bangalore?”

A: “When it rains in Bangalore, Bangalore floods. Mysore does not!”

Snatch and run

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(Friday, 6 June 2008)

This is the first of its kind of chain snatching cases where in the victim was traveling in a vehicle that can travel 20 times faster than the culprit.

One of the newspapers published from Bangalore reports:

“120 gram golden chain was snatched from the neck of an old lady near Sarjapur Road-Ring Road junction.”

The lady was traveling in a car and was stuck in a traffic jam.

The snatcher came, snatched the chain and started running. By the time traffic jam cleared and the lady could move an inch, it was 2 hours. The snatcher had disappeared by then.

Now we know

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(Tuesday, 27 May 2008)

Now that we have elected a single party government, I am relieved.

Now I exactly know whom to blame for incomplete projects and bad roads of Bangalore!

January 11, 2010

All the road conditions lead to Rome

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(Sunday, 16 April 2006)

Q: How do you guess that the Bangalore road authority has a Ph.D. in “Roads of Roman Empire”?

A: Because current state of Bangalore roads and Roman Empire roads is the same.

Media lethargy or helplessness?

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(Sunday, 16 April 2006)

Q: Why aren’t there effective enough cartoons in newspapers about the road conditions in Bangalore?

A: Because they don’t print the newspapers in 3D.

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