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May 18, 2011

Why am I exhausted interviewing fresh Computer Science graduates?

  • I realize that I am still in college. A lot of candidates claim that subjects likes of data structures, theoretical computer science and even DB, they have studied so long back, they can’t  remember. The best came from a master’s degree holder in Computer Science who flatly claimed he can’t code. Incidentally, he also held a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I think God must exist!
  • And the long-awaited ThoughtReader apps on Android must have been launched today. Yesterday a handful of graduates holding both the computer science degree told me they are not comfortable in programming (hold your breath) “left justified printing of a string”
  • A candidate clarified to me that booting and BOOTP are different animals. BOOTP is a Windows protocol which checks the RAM whereas booting is done after the windows password was entered
  • A boy could (rightfully) not place 3 non-intersecting queens on a 3*3 board. He was sure 4 queens can’t be placed on the same board. He spent another 5 minutes for placing 5 queens on the same board and then said he wasn’t sure whether they could be placed
  • Someone claimed that a data structure more complex than a tree is IMPOSSIBLE. I am waiting for a ground breaking IEEE paper on that
  • A girl graced to teach me that along with an array, a struct and a linked list, “while” and “for” were *data structures*. When I finally asked her about her thoughts on “for-a-while”, she thought for a while and told me she might not have studied such a data structure
  • Almost all the candidates have told me that the “friend” relation within Facebook users forms a linked list
  • A boy who had scored 9 out of 10 in fuzzy logic in the school taught me that fuzzy logic is a substitute for probability. He further educated me that if one doesn’t understand the concept of probability, it is fuzzy and probable one can’t understand fuzzy logic
  • I gestured a compass and asked what the set of points equidistant from a given point called, I got a reply  – “I studied set theory in eighth standard”. I was a fool to expect two-three answers – or a counter question.
  • I am deeply worried about the fate of microprocessors – Electrical/electronic guys think computer science students should study that and vice versa
  • An Electrical engineer claimed that synchro motors did not exist – I must be under influence while I thought I studied them
  • Yesterday, I asked what seven application layer protocols do, the same answer from a candidate was “Exchange messages!”
  • Yesterday I learnt that an interrupt is not an IPC or Inter-Process Communication. It is used by process to signal each other
  • The only object on my Nokia 6670 was a keyboard yesterday
  • Last week, the odd one out in “mangoes, apples, papaya and banana” was apples on “seeds” criteria. I don’t know what is today’s status

While I am not convinced what such candidates should be paid for, I am almost convinced about what I am being paid for 🙂 😦 🙂 😦

Do you have any such experiences?


February 4, 2010

Hiring people even-handedly

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There are usually four type of candidates you see in interviews:

1. Ambidextrous – those who show dexterity with their both hands

2. Right handed – those who can’t work well with their left hands

3. Left handed – those who can’t work well with their right hands

4. No handed – those who can’t work well with either of their hands

I am actually looking for the fifth type of people with their both hands disabled who often outperform all the above categories.

January 16, 2010

One way journey called Education

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(Thursday, 7 August 2008)

I have conducted hundreds of interviews for various software jobs across continents, profiles and all.

I share my disappointment with my friends in similar situation. Somehow, candidates don’t seem to have learnt anything from universities.

It looks like education is like a one way journey between two cities – from Curiosity to University.

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