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November 29, 2010

A Christian Vokkaliga Name

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ಲೇಂಬೆಗೌಡ – Lamb-e-Go(w)d(a)


January 16, 2010

What a mess!

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(Monday, 14 July 2008)

Last Thursday the elder one got down the school bus with a mixture of tears and rage. “They called me a pig!”


“A, B and C!”

“Three of them?”

“Oh yes!”


“I wanted to play ‘Hand Cricket’ with them. They said there is no space on the seat – and straight away they called me a hog!”


On Friday, the three boys and the elder one got down the bus bruised. “Uncle! He called us ‘three little pigs’!”

“Oh, yes! I did! Yesterday you called me a pig too!”

“When did we call you a pig, you liar?”

I intervened: “Well, he did complain yesterday!”

“But we did not!”

“Boy! What did they call you when there was no space on the seat?”

“A hog – to be exact!”

“A hog? We did not call him a hog!”


“Wait a moment, boys! Tell me which language do you speak within yourselves?”


“And you asked him to go away, right?”


Now I am silent for a few moments. Then I turned to my son and asked:  “Do you know they told you ‘hogu‘ in Kannada – that is ‘Go!’ in English?”

My son apologized.

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