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August 12, 2010

Husband is responsible for the weight gain

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“Let me tell you the truth!” She was crying. “YOU are responsible for my weight problems!”


“Yes. You!”


“Don’t you dream big?”

“Everyone should!”

“And don’t you tell me that I am your dream girl?”


January 15, 2010

Double advantage of an expensive diet

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(Wednesday, 10 January 2007)

[Applicable to Indian situation. Indians believe eating almonds improves memory. In India, almond oil is much more expensive than other edible oils.]

Q: Why did the forgetful overweight wished he had eaten items fried in almond oil?

A: Double advantage: first, his memory would have been better and second, his weight could be under control.

Multiple machines weighing

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(Wednesday, 10 January 2007)

Q: Why did the overweight got his weight checked in a planetarium on “Your Weight on All Planets”?

A: He hoped to get it distributed.

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