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November 5, 2013

Why is India behind in Science and Technology?


To my Indian friends who can’t see the reason, read the last line and compare the priority of Cricket over anything, including maiden mission to Mars! 🙂


March 30, 2011

Winner of the Cricket World Cup

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He won the cricket world cup for his country – even when the other side batsman tried to get him run out, even when his co-bowlers bowled full-tosses, even when his co-fielders dropped catches.

In short, it was like him versus the rest of the world, including his own team! His team was booked by a bookie.

Now the question is, was he a dedicated cricketer or booked by the other bookie?

March 14, 2011

Defeating Indian Cricket Team

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Question: Is Indian Cricket Team easier defeated Chased or PurChased?

March 12, 2011

A shooting star

The seven-year old was jumping: “Papa, give me a name of a shooting star!”

“Shooting stars don’ t have names!”

“Wrong. Who is Abhinav Bindra?”

March 2, 2011

Kenya’s debacle and Changes in Cricket Rules

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The insider news tells us that after Kenya’s debacle yesterday, ICC is mulling changes in the rules of Cricket.

The first realization is that by applying rules symmetrically to both the teams, new teams will keep losing and cricket will never get popular beyond the regular ten or so teams. So the rules have to be different for both the sides.

In case the “non-regular-ten” team is playing against the “regular-ten” teams,

“Non-regular-ten” Team batting:

  1. None gets out at zero runs. If someone does (like most of them do), he will be given another chance – till some runs are scored by him
  2. Team at batting time can be completely different from the one at fielding
  3. No reviews are permitted if the umpire gives a “not-out”
  4. No stump out, no LBW – nothing cruel is permitted!
  5. Tennis balls may be requested during the powerplay

“Regular-ten” Team batting:

  1. Only boundaries will count
  2. (If the above is found too hard, here is the Baseball Rule) If the ball touches the bat, that is it! Gotta run or you are out!
  3. Every “not-out” given by the umpire has to be reviewed digitally

Readers, what else do you think can help salvage the (mis)matches?

Biological Wonder of Cricket

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… was Ravil Shavaskar!

Reportedly, once he was “keeping the non-striker end safe” so well, roots grew out of his feet in spite of the fact that he belonged to the kingdom Animalia!

A Cricket Commentator was Jailed during Emergency in 1974

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The commentator who covered Ravil Shavaskar once was jailed in 1980.

Out of habit, he had commented in 1977: “Winning is not everything, playing is!”

September 1, 2010

One new bowling skill

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After the scam involving Pakistani cricketers for the “No Ball” controversy emerged, we have three types of bowlers in the game of cricket:

pace bowlers, spin bowlers and no-bowlers.

January 16, 2010

Newton and Jam Sahib’s ton

(Sunday, 15 March 2009)

As a reader of this blog, you already know that there is significant contribution of Jam Sahib to – Cricket.

There is significant contribution of Cricket to the world of – Physics.

As per unverified (and now unverifiable) legend of Cricket – no! Physics – wait, no! Cricket …

Well, to cut the long story short, once Jam Sahib was hitting balls in his regular spirit. One weak ball from the bowler and Jam Sahib hit with all his might!

The ball was never found. It could not have been!

They were moving forward in time while searching it.

The ball was hit so hard that it tore off the space-time continuum and went a couple of century back in time – in an apple orchard.

It hit the apple tree when a weirdo physicist called Isaac Newton was walking bye.

As a result, Jam Sahib got 5 runs and Isaac Newton got knighthood.

Discovery of the law of gravitation is a history in Physics and “Lost Ball” rule is a history in the game of Cricket!

Satellites of ninteenth century

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(Sunday, 15 March 2009)

Q: With so much advancement by the end of nineteenth century, why did the world wait till the middle of twentieth century for the space age?

A: Jam Sahib! Scientists were afraid that their satellites would be broken by the balls shot by Jam Sahib‘s bat! So the space age started after Jam Sahib retired.

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