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July 16, 2010

Too much of …

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The elder one finished the dinner and was going upstairs.

I asked: “What time is it, sonny?”

He looked up at the wall and said: “Nine thirty!” and then involuntarily raised his hand pointing to the clock and pressed an imaginary button.

Then he startled and said: “I think I am too much sleepy. Just now my hand reached out for the remote to switch the clock off!”

I said: “Perhaps it is too much of TV, not sleep!”


March 18, 2010

Watching TV from a distance

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No, this is not about my TVPhobia.

After all these years, I met to one of our old friends. He reminded me about the following incidence when the elder one was three years old.

He had to be constantly reminded of watching TV from a distance. [Well, I prefer also watching it from behind! Anyway, keep focused on the kid.]

He preferred to watch it from near.

It always resulted in some shouting.

Once evening when I returned from work, he was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, from a distance – with binoculars on eyes!

January 16, 2010

50 movies to watch

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(Monday, 22 September 2008)

This time it is my wife’s die hard fancy towards TV and movies that is causing me so much of worry.

She is intently watching “Mahesh Bhatt’s Choice – 50 movies to watch before you die” every Friday.

… and I am worried about what could happen to the family on 51st Friday!

Smarter than the idiot box

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(Wednesday, 27 August 2008)

The younger one has very strong self-confidence.

It was FIFA match for women’s soccer between China and Canada being played.  The TV showed clock – and the four year old started counting with it:


His grandmother stopped him: “Wait! Look at the TV, it is still at ten!”

“I am smarter than the TV. I can count faster! sixteenseventeeneighteen <went on>”

TV going bad

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(Monday, 4 August 2008)

Q: What happens if one fine morning you discover that you had a high voltage surge in the house and TV, VCR, DVD player, Video game console, Cable connection AND the satellite dish have gone bad?

A: By evening you discover that your children have started behaving better!

January 11, 2010

Five schools of logic

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(Monday, 29 May 2006)
The following example demonstrates various schools of logic prevailing in entertainment industry.

There are three cupboards A, B and C.

Normal school of Logic: Take the key of B and apply to A. The cupboard does not open.

Suspence school of Logic: Take the key of B and apply to A. The key happens to be the same and A opens.

Comedy school of Logic: Take the key of B and apply to A. A does not open but B opens. (Or, A does not open and the key gets stuck.)

Run-away Comedy school of Logic: Take key of B and apply to A. A opens – and B opens too.

Kekta Kapoor school of Logic: Take key of B and apply to A. Neither A opens, nor B opens but C opens!

Slippery Memory Model

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(Friday, 9 December 2005)

I admit both TV and I would have been happier without each other.  I keep on forgetting actors and models and mix up stories of serials.

On one of the shows, one “very famous model” was the chief guest. I asked to my wife: “Who is she?”

“Don’t you recognize her? She is the model in xyz soap ad you watch so often. Don’t you remember the face?”

“Oh, the face, the face!”

… I had to sleep on the sofa for that night.

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