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September 10, 2013

Bangalore school fires career counselor for suggesting rape as career alternative

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In a bizarre incidence, a Bangalore school has fired its career counselor for suggesting raping as a career alternative to a student. The school has requested to remain unnamed.

“I am at loss of words” told the exasperated principal while the counselor has decided to challenge the decision in local labor court.

“You have to understand the problem. The 13 year boy I advised was a relocated NRI who couldn’t stand the rigor of Indian curriculum. The father was denied green card after staying 12 years in the US on H1-B and green card related extensions of the visa. The boy had no options but to find some way to earn his bread when he is an adult. Even his family was in one of those “left-out” sections by the wide-reaching food bill.” The counselor explained to our reporter.

After flunking sixth standard thrice in succession, the ace basketball player boy had no hopes of making it through any engineering college, which is believed to be the only way of survival for upcoming generation. Trying to earn one’s living as a sportsman in India in any sport other than cricket has remained a wild goose’ chase.

The 6’2″ tall well-endowed boy when contacted by our (male and straight) reporters, was also confused. “I don’t know why they should fire the good old counselor.” He replied in Californian accents and clueless looks in his eyes. “She was right in pointing out that once you commit a rape as a juvenile, you are guaranteed three years of food, focus and fulfillment in the jail. They may even start serving biryanis too! These days I have started cultivating liking for spicy Indian food. She even suggested me to commit 10-12 rapes in succession to assure a career-long comfortable stay in the jail.”

The counselor says she did what she was assigned. “I did my job professionally. Like any other science, counseling is amoral. My advice is in the best interest of my client. I did advise him sequential raping but cautioned against taking blue pills that cut male refractory period. He is a juvenile. It was indeed a challenging assignment. This is the best we can suggest to a mediocre juvenile! From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

“Looking at the rate at which socialistic laws are cleared by Lok Sabha, by the time he finishes his terms for a dozen rapes, he may even qualify for a pension from the government also. If government employees can be given pensions after raping the society and the economy, why leave poor juveniles behind?” Asked a prominent human rights activists, assuring every criminal has undeniable human rights. The activist refused to comment about human rights of victims because it wasn’t the area of expertise for her (or anybody else).


July 15, 2013

The trouble in learning lessons early

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The trouble with learning your lessons early is that for longer time in life you feel guilty about not learning them earlier.

May 13, 2013


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Confidence is the underestimation of the future.

April 26, 2013

Definition of Foolishness

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Foolishness = Sincerity – Smartness

April 24, 2013

Windows 8 Start button is back – with a new name?

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Microsoft gave it up. It is reintroducing its “Start” button in Windows 8.

It is kind of funny watching a software company locking itself up! Usually they are good in locking their customers up 😉

Anyway, we believe that the reintroduced button will be known as the “Back” button now onwards 🙂

April 5, 2013

Mismatched couple

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You know it is a mismatched couple if a deadly fair maiden marries a fairly dead lad.

February 13, 2013

On the resignation of the Pope

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[I am not a Catholic. It is rare to write on religion on this blog. Above all, my comments on the Pope’s resignation are misplaced on a joke blog. Still, please read.]

The Pope resigned stating age related weakness stopping him from discharging duties of papacy.

I differ with His Holiness. It is his strength that he put greater good before his ego.

Salutes to Pope Benedict XVI.

February 12, 2013

Conscience and common sense

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Mostly when one laments about conscience of others, s/he has acted without common sense first!

The hidden argument is: “OK, I had acted silly but he should’ve conscious so that I am not at loss!”

February 5, 2013

Would you ask for a lighter from someone who quit smoking long back?

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Then why do you pray to the Buddha for fulfillment of your worldly desires?

Living in the present

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I have stopped living in the past since last three years. I am planning not to worry about the future also.

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