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Introduction to Characters

I: A balding, middle-aged, married man, father of two. Working in Bangalore in Software Industry (in America they call it Hi-tech, in India they call IT). Unlike a typical Indian male, I dislike TV, astrology and cricket.

My wife: Intelligent, organized, loving, at times overweight, mother of my two children.

My children: They change age through the blog. They are four to five years apart. They are born to prove that human beings have similarities with monkeys – and that evolution could be reversible!

The elder has extreme sense of justice. The younger is full of self-confidence.

My father: My wife’s father-in-law, my father-out-law. Quite unlike Indian fathers.Very loving but extremely irreverent to religious beliefs.

My mother: Blind to my wife’s mistakes! If a dispute between my wife and me reaches to her, you can bet, I would be declared at fault.

In Hindu marriages, horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched to assure peaceful married life. By mistake, someone matched her horoscope with my mother’s! As a result, I am singled out against their gang.

Again, quite unlike a typical Hindu marriage.

My grandmother: Befitting mother of a father-out-law. She had decided to live the life with utmost positive attitude. A few years back we lost her – because human bodies usually don’t live longer than a hundred years.

My mother-in-law: Unlike Western counterpart, mothers-in-law in India treat sons-in-law like kings. She is no exception. Sincere to her bone-marrow and more organized than my wife, she is usually a horoscope match with me.

My father-in-law: Respectable, religious figure, who claims to be the best “son-in-law catcher” in the town

My cousin: One of rare cooks in the history of human civilization. If the road to a man’s heart ever passed through his stomach, it is a wonder she could ever marry!

Raner Pillai: Cousin of the famous Indian (mis)inventor with confusingly similar name. Invention runs in his blood (and sometimes spills out)

Mrs. Vashishtha Roy: The only known biological (and perhaps illogical) being that may live longer without oxygen or water than without publicity.

An author. She was awarded the famous Hooker prize. People believe she got the prize was because of by mistake they wrote her address.

If you don’t know her, you are a reactionary, bourgeois, rightist, jingoistic, fanatic, capitalistic pig. By the way, 99.999% of world’s population would satisfy that condition.

Cody: Living in a PG (Paying Guest Accommodation) in JP Nagar, Bangalore, 25-year-old software buff. Loves coding – and girls

Busy Bee: Busy senior of Cody. Too busy to love anything

Savit: My classmate in 1990’s. Due to economic forces, he was forced to study programming. The rest is the history

K. Chandrasekhar Rao: The man who gave my cell number as his and telemarketers love to call on “his” number. Due to jokes about him, he is more famous than me. Son of a gun!

Jam Sahib: Legendary cricketer prince. I could never say what folklore about him was historical. As a declaration, all the folklore about him documented in this blog is baseless

Ravil Shavaskar: Another legendary Indian cricketer. Very famous in 1970’s, very infamous in 1980’s. While Jam Sahib was the reason test cricket came into existence, Ravil Shavaskar was the reason it almost ceased to be played.

Girls adored his game, Rajendra Kumar’s movies etc. You know, losing a match here, a limb there! The default heroes of tragedy – well, you got it!

Ravil got heart-broken when India started winning test matches again – and got a heart attack when was forced to play at ODI speed – and was declared medically insane after he watched his first T20.

Terroristan: A country with the largest export as terrorism and largest GDP contribution is funds from rich countries to fight terrorism. Their democracy is called “Schrodinger’s Democracy” on the line of “Schrodinger’s Cat”

Oilistan: A country rich in oil and an ideological partner of Terroristan



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